Tuesday, 31 March 2009

A Tribute to Frank Stein z"l

Frank Stein was a man who spent his life giving, be it the smile he always shared whenever he met you, or his endless selflessness that came through personally and professionally.

From the start of his career, Frank always put himself in a position to help others. Being a Madrich on Machon Le'Madriche Chul, helping new Olim at the BOS or assisting Australians in Israel while Director of the Israel office of ZFA, Frank always went the extra step to change a professional relationship into a personal friendship.

Frank was an asset to Israel and the Aliyah world and he will be missed greatly. Frank touched so many people and through his work and his warm nature, his memory will not be forgotten.

Friday, 6 March 2009

UJIA's Contact Group

For some time, UJIA has been running a social absorption group that encourages young Olim Chadashim to meet and share their Aliyah experiences.

The “Contact” support group was created as a response to the needs of Olim Chadashim in the Tel Aviv area.

Groups of between 12 and 15 people meet once every two weeks to meet other recent Olim in the same age group. Each week vital issues are discussed dealing with the challenges of living a new life in Israel.

Seminars and workshops on “Culture Shock” and “How to survive and thrive in the current situation in Israel” have attracted large numbers of Olim in their first two years of Aliyah.

To find out more information about taking part in a "Contact" group, please e-mail beulah@ujia.org.il