Tuesday, 23 June 2009

IVF in Israel

Often IVF is a very taboo topic of discussion. Not many Olim feel comfortable talking about it or admitting that it is an issue for them. However, that's where Israelis are often different: many are very comfortable discussing all things related to pregnancy and children.

It is the Israeli favorable attitude towards family and children that set them apart from the rest, which is especially evident in the country's policy towards IVF treatments.

As the country's health services are facilitated by the
Kupat Cholim, all have a Va'adat Poriut (Fertility Committee) whose role is to decide whether IVF is the only option left to have children. Once IVF is approved for the couple, they are entitled to receive unlimited treatments until they have 2 children together. There are potentially 6 treatments a year, as the kupot usually like to wait at least one menstral cycle between unsuccessful treatments.

Interestingly, the IVF treatment is determined for the couple and not the individual, which means that if both members of the couple have children from previous relationships, but have had trouble in their current relationship, they are still entitled to unlimited treatment.

Once a couple has 2 successful treatments and have 2 children, there is no other IVF treatmens in the State's main basket, however every kupah offers extra treatments as part of their supplimentary baskets.

The amazing thing is that there is no waiting period for Olim Chadashim. As soon as you become a resident of Israel and obtain your Teudat Zehut you are eligible to begin treatments in the main basket. For the supplimentary basket, you may have to wait a year to qualify.

Israel is a family-friendly country. That is why the government here is willing to work so hard to give everyone the opportunity of having a family of their own.



  1. After assessment of Israel`s IVF procedure I observed that it is the Israeli positive mind-set towards close relatives and kids that set them apart from the relax, which is especially obvious in the nation's plan towards IVF therapies. Intra-Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection

  2. I heard that it takes a year to get IVF procedure after making Aliyah. But then I have also heard that it starts immediately. Where can I get the correct info?