Sunday, 10 January 2010

One small step for Bituach Leumi, one giant leap for Israeli bureaucracy!

The Bituach Leumi (National Insurance Institute) continues to impress me with their advances in technology and improvement of customer service. It all started when they updated their website to become significantly more user-friendly, but what really sealed the deal was the fact that they have all the information in English!

The day I saw that new website, I went home and had a good night's sleep as I knew that the Oleh would have a much easier experience understanding the details surrounding this complicated government office.

However today I became even more pleased and impressed with Bituach Leumi when I learned about their new "Personal Online Service". By registering for this service you are are able to bypass your local office and avoid the lines. While many may be skeptical of this as it is a new service, I have my hopes up. If Bituach Leumi has taken this step forward, we can only hope that the rest of the bureaucratic offices will follow suit.

Well done Bituach Leumi - my hat goes off to you!

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  1. I would keep in mind that English language government or pseudo-government websites do not always reflect the correct and up-to-date data from the Hebrew language site. It is always worth verifying contribution rates and benefit amounts from the Hebrew site.