Friday, 17 April 2009

Prepare yourself before you travel

Israeli citizenship is conferred 90 days after making Aliyah. Once you hold Israeli citizenship, you are required by law to enter and exit Israel on an Israeli Passport ot Travel Document (Teudat Ma’avar).

If planning to travel within 90 days of making Aliyah, an Oleh should make sure to ask for a letter from Misrad Hapnim, confirming that he or she is allowed to leave the country using a foreign passport.

After 90 days a temporary Travel Document (Teudat Ma’avar) should be applied for. Once your temporary Travel Document has expired, you are then eligible to apply for a full Israeli passport.

A passport or Teudat Ma'avar is applied for in person at the Interior Ministry (Misrad Hapnim). All members of the family require their own passport. This includes babies and they must be present when their parent or guardian makes the application.

The information desk in the entrance to Misrad Hapnim will be able to supply you with a form to fill in and in addition one will need the following:

  • Teudat Zehut
  • 2 passport photos
  • Cash – NIS 125 for a Teudat Ma’avar, NIS 250 for a full passport, NIS 125 for a full passport for Minors (under 18 years old).

The passport will be sent to you via mail. It usually arrives quickly, however one should apply well in advance of any travel plans.


  1. I work at a travel agency in Israel and i know the difficulties tourists are encountered with when wanting to come and visit the Holy Land. My only word of advise for you, is that it's worth it, and I'm pretty sure that sometime in the near future legislation will make it easier on you.

  2. Me and my wife just finished a tremendous trip in Israel, the Holly Land..We saw some breathtaking view and visited historic sites! It was well worth it, and not too expensive either..